Group Management

As Group Leader you will have access to your course dashboard where you can see the who has started and completed you online induction.

You can invite people to complete your induction a number of ways which will be outlined below.

The easiest way is to use a “course code” which we will provide you with, e.g. SITE-X-X4RY. The course code can be used multiple times. Just ask the inductee to enter it on the registration page

You can also invite people using a “enrollment key”, e.g. qjJm4dCR. You can invite or generate and download the keys from the dashboard. The inductee will enter the enrolment key when registering at

Or you can add and invite an individual from the dashboard using their name and email address.

The easiest way to invite inductees is to use the course code.

Using your Course Code the inductee can register here

Or go to and click on the registration button at the top of the page.

The downside of using the Course Code is that anyone who has the code can login and complete or see your induction content. We can change the code periodically at your request.

Under Group Management you can see the status of inductees and export course reports.

Add Group Leaders: people you want to give access to this Group Management area.

Send enrollment key if you want the inductee to register by completing the registration form on the next slide.

Inductees will complete the registration using the Unique Enrollment Key.

Add and Invite user bypasses the user registration form. They just Login to begin the course.

Note: The User Registration Form captures their Company Name and Phone Number which may be useful later. i.e. You might not remember who worked for!

Download Enrolment Keys.

If you wish to send a certain number of keys to a company for their employees to register.

Each Key can only be used once.

The inductee will complete the Registration Form and Login to complete the course.