Contractors working on MEDITE SMARTPLY sites require a valid Induction Training Certificate. Your Contractor Induction is valid for one year. Click the button below to register and complete the MEDITE SMARTPLY Induction Training.


Complete the registration form using the Course Code from the MEDITE SMARTPLY Induction Training Guide PDF that was attached to your Induction email.

NOTE: The information entered here will be exactly how it appears on your certificate. Your email address can only be used once to register. After registration, you can log in at any time to complete your induction.


Use your email and password to login. Forgot your password? Click Forgot Password link on the login page, the system will send a password reset to your email address. Click on your required training to start. Follow the instructions, clicking on the appropriate buttons to move through the course.


Throughout the course you will be required to answer some questions before you can proceed to the next part of the course. If you get the quiz wrong, just click “Restart Quiz” to retake the quiz. On successful completion of the course and quizzes, you will be emailed your course certificate.


You are required to present your Contractor Induction Training cert in Print or PDF format along with your Photo ID to security on entering any MEDITE SMARTPLY site.

Your cert PDF is attached to the email you received when you completed the induction course. You can also login to your profile above at any time and download the cert again.

1 Year

Your Contractor Induction is valid for 1 Year. It is your responsibility to keep it up to date.